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TMC-EC Smith Haven Mall Meetup

Ray Thomas | Published on 10/28/2023

TMC-NE  Maserati Club Members go to Smith Haven Mall for a Spectacular Car Meetup on Aug 27th 2023

Every Sunday morning during the car show season, the Smith Haven Mall transforms its sprawling parking lots into a stunning automotive wonderland, as it plays host to an exhilarating car show. Members along with enthusiasts and curious onlookers gathered to witness a mesmerizing display of sleek vintage cars, modified vehicles, and exotics. These meet ups are a testament to the enduring allure of cars and the vibrant automotive community in the area.

The choice of Smith Haven Mall as the venue for the meetup was an inspired one. The mall provides ample space, convenient access, and a family-friendly atmosphere, making it the perfect setting for showcasing a diverse range of vehicles. With shopping, dining, and entertainment options in proximity, attendees can make it a full day of fun and automotive fascination.

Among the highlights were:

  1. Vintage cars dating back several decades. These were a crowd favorite. Attendees marveled at the elegant lines and timeless designs of classic Chevrolets, Fords, and Cadillacs.
  2. The event also boasted a lineup of high-end exotics like Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, and Maserati’s. These cars were definite head turners with their sleek styling, colors, and exhaust notes.
  3. Car modification enthusiasts brought their creatively enhanced vehicles to the show also. The custom paint jobs, performance enhancements, and unique accessories illustrated the depth of passion the owners had for their cars.
  4. Fans of raw American power were treated to the rumble of muscle cars like the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang. The thunderous engines and iconic body designs were also a major draw.

This car show meetup wasn't just about passive admiration, it encouraged interaction and engagement as well. We had the opportunity to meet the owners who were happy to answer questions and share details about their beloved vehicles.

The event was also an opportunity to strengthen the sense of community among car enthusiasts in the Lake Grove and surrounding areas. We were able to connect with like-minded individuals and make new friends. It was truly a fulfilling experience.

Ray Thomas